Puretec® Hybrid-G13 Whole House Treatment System

Puretec® Hybrid-G13 Whole House Treatment System

Puretec® Hybrid-G13 Whole House Treatment System

Puretec® Hybrid-G Triple Series: Hybrid-G13. Perfect for Rain-to-Mains Water Switch Over Systems.

Have confidence in the quality of your mains and rainwater.
We need to have confidence that the rainwater we’re providing our family is safe for consumption. Sediment, leaves and debris from trees can enter your rainwater through gutters, bacteria can also enter rainwater tanks, for example from bird droppings being washed in from the roof.

The Puretec Hybrid-G13 provides safe and purified water at every tap. Designed for both mains and rainwater supply, this system is highly effective in eliminating 99.9% of bacteria in your water. It’s the ideal choice when needing the option to filter both rainwater and mains water without compromising the quality of water in your home.

Triple Filtration and Ultraviolet All In One
This is achieved firstly by passing through a coarse filtration stage for large particles and sediment. The water then passes through a carbon filter, removing taste, odour and chemicals. The water then moves through a fine sediment stage to filter out fine particles and finally passing through the UV chamber for total protection, giving you perfectly pure tasting water at every tap.

The Hybrid G13 not only makes your water taste and smell great, but also prolongs the life of your household appliances.

The Safest Drinking Water for Your Family.
The Hybrid-G13 reduces bad taste, odour, chemicals and sediment giving good general purpose filtration but it also effectively Kills 99.9% of Bacteria thanks to its advanced Radfire™ UV technology. Radfire™ is a natural water purification process, that’s eco-friendly and completely chemical free. So you get safe, purified water at every outlet in the house.

Perfect for Busy Lifestyles
Life can get busy, especially for families, that’s why the Hybrid-G13 is perfectly suited for a busy lifestyle. Maintenance is simple and can be done in minutes - without tools. It’s easy as replacing the UV lamp once a year and periodically cleaning the sleeve.

The Hybrid-G13 filters are also quick and easy to change yourself with very little effort and easy to follow steps.

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The Puretec Hybrid-G13 is part of the Hybrid-G Triple Series, which includes the Puretec Hybrid-G12 and Puretec Hybrid-G13 (see PDF for details).

  • Quick & Easy Installation
  • Bacteria-free Water Throughout the House
  • Suitable for Medium to Large Households
  • Designed for Both Mains & Rainwater Supply
  • Reduces Sediment, Chemicals (Including Chlorine, Bad Taste & Odour)
Puretec® Hybrid-G13 Whole House Treatment System
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Puretec® Hybrid-G13 Benefits & Features

Puretec® Hybrid-G13: Triple filtration with UV protection for the whole house.

  • Filtration & ultraviolet all-in-one unit
  • Quick & easy plug-and-play installation
  • Kills 99.9% of E. coli, Giardia & Cryptosporidium cysts with Radfire ultraviolet technology, a natural purification process that’s complete eco-friendly & chemical-free
  • Turns your tank & mains water into pure, safe, delicious drinking water
  • Designed for harsh climate
  • High strength aluminium bracket for durability
  • Equipped with a lamp count-down timer & failure alarm (audible & visible)
  • Anti-corrosion construction
  • Anti-tamper & child-proof lockable lid
  • Hinged lid for easy access for lamp change

Product Code: Hybrid-G13

• Replacement Parts & Cartridges
• Stage 1 Filter: PL05MP2
• Stage 2 Filter: CB05MP2
• Stage 3 Filter: PX01MP2
• High Output UV Lamp, 46 W: RL6

• Max Flow Rate: 120 Lpm
• Max Temperature: 52 °C
• Min/Max Pressure: 300 - 875 kPa
• Connection: 1” BSP (25 mm)
• Warranty: 3 Year Platinum Protection Warranty

Important Note: Use only genuine Puretec replacement cartridges. ^3 year warranty is 1 year parts and labour, plus 2 years parts only. Warranty excludes lamps and cartridges.


Perfecting Water.
Premium Manufacturer of Water Filtration Products.

Puretec® is dedicated to manufacturing a wide range of leading edge water filtration products and to provide unrivaled backup. All Puretec products come with class leading warranties, are of impeccable quality and are true to our tagline "Perfecting Water". With 30 years in the water filtration industry, Puretec remains a family owned, family run company with an unrivalled reputation for quality, innovation and reliability.

Puretec’s vision is to be the world’s best water purification manufacturer. The best means providing outstanding quality and value, leading innovation and continuous improvement, ‘Wow’ Customer service and the largest range through authorised distributors.


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