Philmac UTC® Fittings

Philmac UTC® Fittings

Philmac UTC® Fittings

Philmac UTC® (Universal Transition Coupling) Fitting Range. Available from Pumping Irrigation & Machinery Services (PIMS).

Join any pipe in a variety of sizes with the one fitting
the global leader in the design and manufacture of plastic compression fittings that provide the ultimate in pipe connection flexibility.

The Philmac UTC® Range is especially designed for connecting pipes that are made from a variety of different materials, such as polyethylene, galvanized iron, PVC, copper, ABS, lead and stainless steel.

In addition to winning an Australian Design Award in 1999 for innovation in product development, Philmac UTC® has been embraced by globally water utilities including Australia, the UK, Europe and North America.

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Water is precious. Put your trust in a Philmac original – Philmac UTC® Fittings – The Problem Solver:

  • Fast and easy installation
  • High quality reliable threads
  • Fittings from 15mm to 61mm rated to 1250 kPa
  • Stainless steel gripper teeth for reliable connections, everytime
  • Made from high performance thermoplastic materials
  • Designed and made in Australia
  • Watermark approved for potable water
Philmac UTC® (Universal Transition Coupling) Fittings
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Philmac UTC® –
Key Benefits

The Philmac UTC (Universal Transition Coupling) is a unique range of mechanical compression fittings that provides the ultimate in pipe connection flexibility.

Philmac UTC® provides the ultimate connection you can trust
Without modification the same fitting connects to a variety of materials including PVC, copper, galvanised iron, ABS, lead, stainless steel and polyethylene. Each size fitting covers a range of pipe diameters providing a “Universal” solution.

• Complete Flexibility – Through its wide sealing tolerance, the Philmac UTC is designed to accommodate a range of different outside diameters across most pipe materials (including PVC, copper, galvanised iron, ABS, lead, stainless steel, steel and PE).
• Easy disassembly – The design of the UTC means that once the nut is backed off the pipe can easily be removed from the fitting.
• Fast and easy installation – The Philmac UTC incorporates all the benefits of Philmac Slide and Tighten™ technology. Simply witness mark the pipe against the flange on the body of the fitting, and then insert the pipe to the correct depth. The nut can then be tightened using a wrench. The UTC is fully installed when the nut can no longer be tightened with reasonable force.
• No loose components – The Philmac UTC is fully integrated with no loose components. There is no need for individual assembly of a split ring, sealing ring or nut. All that is required is the insertion of the pipe and tightening the nut.
• High Performance Materials – The Philmac UTC is manufactured from lightweight high performance thermoplastic materials with outstanding impact, UV, chemical and corrosion resistance. The Philmac UTC is rated to 1250 kPa to meet the needs of high pressure systems.
• Outstanding Sealing Performance – The uniquely designed oversized seal enables sealing on out of round and pitted pipes.

Key Benefits – Philmac UTC
Trusted, reliable and hard working:

  • Smart Design to Ensure Ease of Assembly and Disassembly
  • Made from high quality materials
  • Innovative Australian design
  • Built to last for generations
  • Watermark approved for use with potable water
  • Full range of sizes and configurations from 15mm to 61mm available
  • One fittings joins PVC, copper, galvanised iron, ABS, lead, stainless steel and polyethylene
  • Each size fitting covers a range of pipe diameters

Philmac UTC® Fittings –
Detailed Production Information

Philmac UTC® Fittings – The Swiss army knife of pipe fittings
The Philmac UTC® Fitting could be considered a hidden gem because it remains undiscovered by many people in this great southern land of ours. But for those who have made the discovery they have found the great problem solver.

So, what is this Philmac UTC® Fitting all about?
• Well, the name partly gives it away, at least it does when you unravel the three-letter acronym, UTC stands for Universal Transition Coupling. Put quite simply, one fitting can connect to a multitude of rigid pipe types. And many of these pipes are commonly found in rural areas of Australia such as galvanised, PVC, copper and even the now discontinued C and D class poly that are still found on rural properties.
• What makes the UTC® such a winner is the range of pipe sizes one end of the fitting will attach too. It is all dependent on the outside diameter of the pipe you are connecting. As an example, one of the most popular sizes has an end with a range of 27 to 34 mm. This means it will fit 1” galvanised pipe but it will also fit 25 mm PVC and 1” C and D class. Meanwhile the 21-27 end fits ¾” galvanised, 1” (25) copper, 20 mm PVC as well as ¾” C and D class.
• In ideal world you can always plan to upgrade older pipes and replace them all, but that costs time and money. The UTC® enables you to easily replace smaller sections at a time by allowing you to readily connect newer pipe to that old D class or galvanised pipe. Unfortunately, pipes also have a habit of leaking or breaking at the most inconvenient of times. Enter the UTC®. Simply fit them temporarily until the piece of pipe can be replaced or use them as a permanent fix.

Under the nut there is a collet bristling with hard, stainless steel grippers that look either like little sharp teeth or what looks like a cheese grater. These grippers effectively bite into the rigid pipe and hold the fitting and pipe in place. The second secret is the chunky seal. This uniquely designed oversized seal enables sealing on out of round and pitted pipes. Yes, pitted1 pipes. So, they might just work on that old piece of galv! Just cut it square, give it a clean remove any burrs and fit a UTC®.

Where possible the UTC® aims to incorporate all the benefits of Slide and Tighten™ technology that is found in the Philmac 3G metric range of fittings. Simply witness mark the pipe against the flange on the body of fitting, insert the pipe to the correct depth, sliding the pipe past all the fitting components into the body of the fitting. For most pipe diameters2 there is no need to push the pipe past a seal and no need to disassemble the fitting. Tighten is all about tightening the nut until it can no longer be tightened with reasonable force. And the UTC® is as easy to disconnect as it was to connect. By undoing the nut, the pipe can be removed from the body of the fitting.

The range of UTC® fittings is quite broad but there are some key configurations. The first of these is UTC® x 3G metric and is ideal as it allows easy connection to metric poly pipe where it might be used to bypass older damaged pipe. There is also a UTC® x UTC® which is perfect for repairs or allows different size of type of pipes to be connected. Lastly there is a UTC® x male end connector, which makes connection to a range of threaded fittings a breeze and provides maximum flexibility.

Will they stand up to pressure? No problems! The UTC has a pressure rating of 1250 kPa (180 psi). This is the same rating as most metric pipe sold these days and more than enough for most applications.

And lastly, does UTC® comply with any standards? You bet! Philmac undertook rigorous testing to ensure it meets AS5200.4583, AS/NZS 40204 plus a range of international standards, as the fittings are sold widely overseas. After all, Philmac is the connection you can trust.

With so many possibilities no wonder the Philmac UTC® is known as the Swiss army knife of pipe fittings!

1. UTC® will tolerate some pipe pitting but they may not effectively seal if the pitting is excessive

2. Some pipe diameters will require the fitting to be disassembled or the pipe carefully pushed passed the seal without damaging it

3. AS5200.458-2008: Plumbing and drainage products – Universal plastic bodied transition couplings

4. AS/NZS 4020: Testing of products for use in contact with drinking water

Philmac Australia

The connection you can trust.

Philmac distribution centres across Australia ensuring you have easy access to a wide range of irrigation and stock watering products.


The Swiss army knife of pipe fittings.
Philmac UTC® Fittings
are manufactured at the Adelaide manufacturing facility and with distribution centres across Australia that ensure you have easy access to a wide range of irrigation, stock watering and pipe repair products.

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