Gator Radio Irrigation Control Systems

Gator Radio Irrigation Control Systems

Gator Radio Irrigation Control Systems

Gator Radio Systems – No longer do you have to take the trencher with you to site!

Irri-Gator Products Radio irrigation Control Systems can be interfaced with most standard irrigation controllers on the market. The Gator System can either be newly installed or retrofitted to any existing irrigation system and is ideal to re-generate old or decayed solenoid cabled systems.

Gator Radio Control Systems can be used for agricultural watering, all landscape watering, sports fields, shopping malls, residential complexes as well as applications within the nursery industry. The Gator Radio Receivers work above the ground on post mounts, or mounted in valve boxes, up to 2kms away.

Gator Budget Parallel Wireless Systems
The Gator Budget Parallel Wireless Irrigation Control System converts the output signal of any conventional irrigation controller being a 24VAC or DC pulse type output into a wireless signal that can be passed over the air to control and switch the various devices such as valves, pumps, filters etc within an irrigation system. Up to 64 outputs can be automated with numerous receivers having the same address. The total valves that we can control is only limited to the hydraulics of your system.

Gator Point to Point Systems
The Gator Point to Point Wireless Irrigation Control System allows for the switching of up to 2 devices and can work in a bi-directional communication method. For example, it is ideal for starting a remote pump unit on one output, then have the flow rate from the water meter being sent back to your controller as an input. This can also be used in both AC and DC, so with the addition of a battery pack at the tank, you could send a signal up to 5kms away to remote start a pump unit and then have it turn off once the tank is full.

• Can be fitted to any irrigation controller – AC or DC
• Long Battery Life of receivers up to 3 years with no need for infield solar panels or rechargeable batteries
• Control up to 4 DC solenoid coils – per receiver
• Receiver mounting – post mount or potted for inside a valve box
• Budget Parallel System – when connected to an AC controller the Budget Parallel System has up to 64 outputs or 32 outputs with a DC version. Each output has an indication light that signifies what is active in the field
• On/Off Signal – is continuously sent to field and in the event of power being removed from TX, receivers in the field will turn off after 15 minutes
• Free Site Survey – offered by trained HR Staff
• Pre-programmed and tested – all systems are programmed and tested before leaving our office

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Gator Radio Systems – Wireless Irrigation Contol
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Detailed Product Information

Gator Budget Parallel Wireless Systems
Ideally suited for applications where trenching is not a viable option or client wants to convert an old manual system to fully automatic. Simply add up the number of stations required infield, select the Input Board, Power Supply, Aerial and Receivers and you are ready to quote.
• 915mHz radio frequency
• No licence fee
• Up to 64 outputs per transmitter
• Less wire in the ground, lower chance of lightning damage
• Installation time is quicker
• System can be added to at any time
• Repeater can be added to system to extend radio transmission distance
• Up to 2,540 different radio channels to transmit on
• Safety off if receiver does not hear signal
• Programmed & tested before sending
• Free site survey
• Can also be used to start pump units (with optional Gator relay)

Gator Persistent Point to Point Radio Modules
When power is not available at the receiving end and the client wants an alternative to mounting solar panels, this single channel system will allow the customer to send an on signal to a receiver.
When coupled to a DC relay, the communication allows for the operator to start anything them may like from a pump, pivot or valve.
• Supports 2 I/O channels per transmitter, with a range of up to 2 kilometres line of sight with standard antenna
• The receiver module is powered by a long life Lithium battery omitting the need for any external power source
• Multiple receiver modules can be installed in the system to activate their outputs simultaneously (for example, if output 1 is triggered on the transmitter this will be broadcast and received by numerous receivers which will all switch simultaneously)

Gator Bi-Directional Point to Point Radio Modules
The independent modules can be wirelessly linked to perform the switching of remote devices and also over the air transmission of flow meter pulses. With 2 channels per transmitter, with a range of up to 2 kilometres line of sight with standard omni or further with the use of a Yagi directional antenna, the system is capable of sending open or closed contacts. Useful in many irrigation and water automation applications such as -
• Starting & stopping of remote primary / booster irrigation pumps
• The filling of tanks from borehole pumps for stock watering or domestic consumption
• Remote starting of pumps from a centre pivot irrigation system thus reducing the need for travelling between the pump and pivot and preventing the need to lay extra control cables between these points
• Remote control of valves in applications such as reservoir filling

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